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Ingredients Trading

Micro ingredients from amino acids to zeolites are supplied by a very diverse range of companies. Often the Nutrition market's requirements are largely unknown to the supplier and a very detailed and specialist knowledge is essential in procurement.

All ingredients sourced by Premier Nutrition have to pass strict approval procedures, including a full Nutritionist review, before they are purchased. Customers can benefit by this expertise and be assured that they can rely on our quality.

Kevin Flower

Long established in the feed supplement market, Kevin is arguably the most experienced micro-ingredient buyer and trader in the premix industry.

He joined Colborn Dawes in 1974 as a trainee buyer before moving to Frank Wright (BASF) in 1986 where he was responsible for purchasing for 17 years.Kevin joined Premier Nutrition in 2003 and is responsible for the buying and selling of straight ingredients.

He is the first point of contact for suppliers and for customers who source items such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other feed ingredients.

Simone Wilson

Simone Wilson works with Kevin Flower as Ingredient Sales Manager and joined Premier Nutrition from the Chemical Distribution industry.

Simone has been in the chemical distribution industry for seventeen years and her role is to liaise closely with Kevin gaining market and pricing information to enable Premier to offer up-to-date market and pricing information to animal feed and pet food manufacturers.