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Corporate Information

Premier Nutrition's corporate head office is Rugeley, UK close to where the business was founded in 1991. The company is owned by , the Agriculture Group of .

Principle trading activities are as follows in various geographical locations:

GB and Ireland

Sales to feed compounders, integrated livestock producers and on-farm mixers. Sales to pet food manufacturers.

Exports of premixes and ingredients to Africa, Middle East and Asia

North and East Europe

Premier Nutrition operates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. In Scandinavia, activities are focussed on the Pet Food, Fish Food and Poultry sectors. In East Europe and Russia the company has a growing involvement in all key livestock sectors.

Rest of EU

Premixes, ingredients and services are sold to most EU countries with a particular emphasis in sales to the Pet Food sector. These sales are supported by specialists in the UK based pet food team.

Africa and Middle East

Exports from GB are focussed on developments in Africa (particularly Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa) and key sectors in the Middle East (principally Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and UAE).