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Assured Nutrition

for pets


Our Nutrition Team


Bespoke Pet Premixes

As part of the complete nutritional service, PPN will specify a bespoke premix (vitamins / minerals / micro-ingredients / neutraceuticals) to ensure the developed pet food is both complete, balanced and a high performance product. By doing so, we are able to incorporate decades of our pet food experience and intellectual property, giving our partner pet food brands a commercial advantage.

Individually, micro ingredients represent a minor cost in a typical tonne of feed. Collectively and over time, however, the expenditure is significant and getting this area of business right can provide an important competitive advantage and make the difference.

We don’t have our own brand or off-the-shelf nutritional products – but create a tailored solution every time. The premix that we specify and formulate reflects completely what we believe a customer’s products require in order to achieve their own unique objectives. We don’t have set or standard products that we stock, nor do we have our own brands of vitamins, minerals or other micro-ingredients that we insist on recommending. This independence gives us complete freedom and flexibility to specify the best raw materials and premix for each diet – with optimal pet nutrition always being the focus.

Individual micro-ingredient supply.

Besides supplying bespoke premixes for pet foods, Premier Pet Nutrition also sources and supplies individual micro-ingredients, supplying them in bulk direct to pet food factories as required.

PPN are committed and well positioned to source the best raw materials from around the globe. And because of the scale of Premier Nutrition, we can source at the best price, combining them with our own pet nutrition expertise to produce the best value proposition.

All micro-ingredients sourced by Premier Pet Nutrition pass strict approval procedures, including a full Nutritionist review, before they are purchased. This means that you can have complete confidence and assurance in the quality of supply.


Ingredients used in quantities from a few grams through to a few kilograms are dispensed from the vertical carousel unit.

Tote Filling

Stainless steel tote vessels are filled with preweighed dispensary ingredients and the carrier materials flush through the tipping points. All residues are removed between batches at the tip point to eliminate cross-contamination between batches.

Tumble Mixing

Tote vessels hold between 0.5 to 2.0 tonnes of product depending on density. Each formulation has a density parameter that determines the maximum manufacturing batch size. The filled vessels are 'tumble-mixed' to achieve excellent dispersion of key components.


Packing directly from the tote vessels minimises batch to batch residues. Packers are simple, gravity fed and contain no moving parts that could result in residues remaining after packing is complete.