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Assured Nutrition

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Our Nutrition Team


Absolute premix safety and security

Pet premix manufacture is centred in Premier Pet Nutrition’s Head Office - Rugeley, Staffordshire UK. Product quality and safety are fundamental to both premix specification and manufacture. The specially-designed, residue-free premix manufacturing process gives complete confidence in the final product.

All premixes are processed and blended in sealed stainless steel totes (2 tonne capacity steel cubes) that are filled, mixed and discharged without the use of augers, elevators, belts, blowers or any of the usual methods that can result in cross-product contamination.

If a 1500Kg batch of premix is manufactured, then 1500Kg of premix is packed – with no losses or wastage. Key micro-ingredients are tested on a positive release basis, making the PPN system of manufacture the leading and safest premix manufacture system in the pet industry.

Positive release on key raw materials

All incoming ingredients are purchased against specifications from assured sources (eg FAMI-QS, FEMAS, GMP+ etc) that are approved by Premier Pet Nutrition back to the factory. All incoming ingredient batches are sampled and checked against a previous sample/standard. High risk ingredients such as zinc and other trace mineral sources are held off-site and positively released to our factory only after our own sampling and heavy metal analysis has been carried out, preventing them from entering the factory until cleared by the Premier Nutrition Compliance Team.

Universal Feed Assurance Scheme

Premier Nutrition is registered under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) which ensures that we are independently audited by UFAS auditors who are accredited under the European standard, EN45011.

The UFAS scheme applies to:

  • The sources of feed ingredients
  • The producers and distributors of animal feed
  • The production and delivery of compound animal feeds
  • The storage, haulage and laboratory analysis grains, oilseeds and pulses.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP is a worldwide quality system used mainly in the human food industry but also in other related industries such as pharmaceuticals. It has been proven to dramatically reduce quality problems by directing resources to identified areas in a process, which are deemed critical to the end product.

A Hazard Analysis of the whole process helps to identify Critical Control Points (CCP's). Parameters are then set in order to control these CCP's and they are monitored for effectiveness to ensure control.