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Assured Nutrition

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Our Nutrition Team


World-leading pet nutrition expertise and advice

Premier Pet Nutrition has a team of dedicated pet nutritionists whose proven expertise is available to help a pet food company achieve its product-related objectives. These might be nutritional improvements, new product developments, product range reviews and relaunches or least-costing of existing pet foods, to enhance profitability.

Premier Pet Nutrition works across all companion animal groups: dog, cat, horse, small animal, ornamental fish and bird, and possesses the nutritional expertise to support and add value to every species. Each dedicated pet nutritionist has their specific area of expertise and will work closely with manufacturers and brands on an ongoing basis – in effect acting as an integral member of the customer’s own team.

The Premier Pet Nutrition team works with some of the smallest brands, through to multinational pet food brands – adapting the way they work for each situation – having the ability to partner with and service any size of customer.

Premier Nutrition is part of a multi-billion pound nutrition business (ABF plc), and is naturally an information hub, receiving and gathering the latest relevant nutritional information from around the world. By partnering with PPN, customers benefit from accessing the latest trends, discoveries, news and innovations that will help to take their pet foods to the next level.

Premier Pet Nutrition provides totally independent advice and this means you get an unbiased appraisal of all available sources of every micro ingredient used in pet food. This is a core requirement of our business and means that pet food customers can rest assured that products sourced through Premier Pet Nutrition provide the best value for money and are guaranteed in quality.

Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA)

Premier Pet Nutrition is a very active members of the PFMA. The PFMA is the principal trade body representing the UK pet food industry and comprises of 60 member companies which account for over 90% of the UK market.

  • Ben Helm: PFMA Executive Committee
  • Dr Andrew Miller: Small Animal, Veterinary Nutrition and Review committees.