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The pet food sector continues to be highly competitive and dynamic and the pace at which technological advances have been applied to the design, manufacture and marketing of pet foods has dramatically increased. Key to maintaining a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving market sector is an ability to keep pace with pertinent technological changes. The documents in this section will assist you and your pet food business to keep ahead of the latest developments and innovations in pet nutrition.

Technical information held within the pet knowledgebase includes:

  1. General Technical Documents

    Information on the formulation and effect of vitamins, minerals and other micro-ingredients on pets.

  2. Substantiation of Functional Claims

    Regulation 767/2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed sets out the basic rules for nutritional claims that are permitted. In addition, advertising of pet food products is also governed, like other consumer products, by the EU's general advertising rules under Directives 2006/114EC and 89/552/EEC.

  3. Nutritional Regulations and Guidelines

    Guidance and documentation on pet nutrition guidelines and regulations relevant to the formulation, manufacture, sale and marketing of pet food.