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Assured Nutrition

for pets


Our Nutrition Team


How we work

We work in close partnership

Every customer is different, so it is natural for us to be flexible in the way we work. Our team of dedicated pet nutritionists achieves the best results by working in close partnership with pet food manufacturers, brand owners and their respective in-house nutritionists, ensuring that the nutritional benefits are always maximised in the pet food purchased by the end user.

Unique Challenges. Tailored Supplements

Every business sets its own standards and targets.

Our role, working with you to achieve your unique solution, is to apply the latest expertise to optimise your formulations and to tailor and develop the specific nutritional package to give your pet foods a clear nutritional and competitive advantage.

By partnering with us, our nutritionists and technical information service will keep you informed with relevant worldwide nutritional research and are committed to providing you with the latest global advances and innovations in pet nutrition.

Premier Pet Nutrition benefits from partnerships and collaborations within the AB Agri Group of companies

Aunir - Optimising NIR to analyse pet food quickly, accurately and on-site.