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Assured Nutrition

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Assured Nutrition

Premier Nutrition works in close partnership across the food supply chain from farm input suppliers, through farmers, food processors, and food retailers, all the way to the consumer, continuing to provide unrivalled products and information to our customers. Premier quality products are vital to us and our knowledge of sources, handling characteristics, stability, nutritional requirements, allowances and mechanical means of addition is second to none. Our expertise in all aspects of micro ingredient formulation enables us to offer customers valuable advice on the optimum means of addition.

Premier Nutrition works to 3 principles that result in them being able to deliver ‘Nutrition Assured’ products and services. From initial concept to launch, we work with the world’s largest producers of livestock feeds and pet foods and we supply unbiased appraisals of all and every available source of micro ingredients.

The 3 principles are:

  1. The application of world leading expertise in animal nutrition, adding value to the food supply chain from farm input supplier to the consumer.
  2. Bespoke nutritional premixes and supplements – producing a bespoke solution every time, giving unique selling advantages over competitors.
  3. Safest process and manufacturing technology – giving complete confidence in the quality and security of the final product.