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Pet Nutrition Assured

Premier Pet Nutrition (PPN) works in close partnership with some of the smallest and largest pet food brands in the world. Our team of world leading pet nutritionists works hard to enhance the nutritional performance and profitability of pet foods, giving brands the competitive edge.

Premier Pet Nutrition works to 3 principles that result in them being able to deliver ‘Pet Nutrition Assured’ products and services. From initial concept to launch, by working in close partnership with the world’s leading pet nutritionists, they guarantee to maximise the nutritional benefits of a pet food, giving pet food brands a competitive edge.

The 3 principles are:

  1. The application of world leading expertise in pet nutrition, adding value to pet food manufacturers, brands and their pet foods and making pet food innovations easy.
  2. Bespoke nutritional premixes and supplements – producing a bespoke solution every time, giving brands unique benefits.
  3. Safest process and manufacturing technology – giving complete confidence in the quality and security of the final product.