Assured Nutrition

for poultry

Premix Manufacture

Premixes are manufactured at our factories in Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK. The general livestock premix factory features a medicines line and a medicines-free line. Together with the residue free design used through our manufacturing processes, freedom from residues can be guaranteed in all our products. We have a specialist packing facility for products packed into pails, sachets and other non-standard packaging.


Control - Traceability - Freedom From Residues

Control, traceability and freedom from residues are essential to ensuring food safety in premix manufacture. The system of manufacture at Premier Nutrition encompasses these three, key features and leads the industry in safe premix manufacture.

Since its formation in 1991, Premier Nutrition has been at the forefront of food safety measures for premix manufacture.

From the outset, all premixes have been manufactured using tumble mixers as a key part of a manufacturing system that eliminates carry over and reduces the risk of residues to an absolute minimum. Manufacture is in sealed, stainless steel totes that are filled and discharged without the use of augers, elevators, belts, blowers or any of the usual methods that result in cross-product contamination.


Ingredients used in quantities from a few grams through to a few kilograms are dispensed from the vertical carousel unit.

Tote Filling

Stainless steel tote vessels are filled with preweighed dispensary ingredients and the carrier materials flush through the tipping points. All residues are removed between batches at the tip point to eliminate cross-contamination between batches.

Tumble Mixing

Tote vessels hold between 0.5 to 2.0 tonnes of product depending on density. Each formulation has a density parameter that determines the maximum manufacturing batch size. The filled vessels are 'tumble-mixed' to achieve excellent dispersion of key components.


Packing directly from the tote vessels minimises batch to batch residues. Packers are simple, gravity fed and contain no moving parts that could result in residues remaining after packing is complete.