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Micro Ingredient Partnership


We work in partnership with some of the World's largest producers of livestock feeds and pet foods, acting as their advisers on procurement of strategically important micro ingredients. Individually, micro ingredients represent a minor cost in a typical tonne of feed. Collectively and over time, however, the expenditure is significant and getting this area of business right can provide an important competitive advantage and make the difference.

Premier Nutrition provides totally independent advice and this means you get an unbiased appraisal of all and every available source of all and every micro ingredient used in animal and pet food. This is a core requirement of our business and means that customers can rest assured that products sourced through Premier Nutrition provide the best value for money and are guaranteed in quality.


Buying at the right price over the long-term is one aspect of getting a competitive advantage in micro ingredients. Just as important is knowledge about quality of sources, handling characteristics, stability, nutritional requirements, allowances and mechanical means of addition. We have expertise in all aspects of micro ingredient addition and are able to advise customers on finding the optimum solution for their factory. The value of this service has been proved time and again from multi-national businesses through to on-farm feed operations.