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Premier Atlas 2014

Ingredients Matrix

Fundamental to any feed formulation is a precise understanding of the feeding value of the raw materials used. Only with such knowledge can formulations be truly best cost and consistency of animal performance achieved.

Premier Atlas 2014 is a comprehensive raw material matrix for feed formulation. It summarises the best information available worldwide today on nutrient definition and levels within individual feed ingredients.

Premier Atlas 2014 is compiled using our extensive analytical database, examination of the scientific literature, and from the kind contributions from various institutes and individuals.

Premier Atlas 2014 is available both as a book and as an interactive version.

It is important that feed formulations are updated using the latest raw material quality control data with note being taken of trends in finished product quality control. In the interactive version of Premier Atlas 2014 we have incorporated a raw material QC module that quickly calculates changes in amino acid and fatty acid composition with changes in protein and oil analysis.

The interactive version is also useful to evaluate existing feeds on the Premier Atlas 2014 database as formulations can be easily entered.

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