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Control & Traceability


An experienced team of Registered Nutritionists enter customer information requirements onto the product database.

Once checked and priced, the database is linked to order processing, factory production, process control, labelling, stock control and invoicing ensuring that all the key processes are integrated into a single, highly controlled system.


All ingredients used in the manufacturing process are traceable through automated batch number recording that is an integral part of process control in the factories.

There is total traceability of ingredients in every product batch.

Medicines - Free

Premier Nutrition's factories are world-leaders in the control of medicines in premix manufacture.

A medicines-free line was introduced in 1997 to completely separate medicated premixes from those containing only nutritional ingredients.

In 1999, a brand new site, totally free from medicines was opened making Premier Nutrition the first premix company to offer the pet sector the reassurance of medicines-free manufacture.

So successful was this type of manufacture, the second high capacity, medicines-free factory (R4) was opened in 2005, servicing key sectors and giving an absolute guarantee of freedom from residues.

With tumble mixing in all factories that virtually eliminates all carry-over and residues, and medicines free sites to absolutely guarantee freedom from medicines either from carry over or from human error resulting in a medicine being added to the wrong line, Premier Nutrition has demonstrated its commitment to the feed industry by investing in the right factories to supply the right product to the right sector.

Tumble Mixer

Tumble Mixing eliminates cross contamination