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Best Cost Formulation

Ultramix Professional

Ultramix Professional is an excellent feed formulation and on-farm rationing package marketed by AGM Systems Ltd. The designer of Ultramix Professional is Dr Alan Munford, a recognised authority on the mathematics of livestock requirements, modelling and best cost formulation.

Ultramix Professional has a number of useful attributes. Feed formulations can be on a fresh basis, dry matter, compound equivalent, or per head basis. They can be best cost or manually input.

Ultramix Professional can formulate to ratios, a useful time saving feature (e.g. feeds can be formulated to digestible lysine with the other amino acids set as a percentage of lysine). If the lysine specification changes the Ultramix Professional takes care automatically of amino acid balance.

The user can write formulae into Ultramix Professional. For example an equation to change amino acids if crude protein changes.

Ultramix Professional contains a report writer and modelling sections, and is available in a number of languages.

Premier Nutrition can supply Ultramix Professional to clients fully loaded with the latest Atlas raw material database and finished product specifications. Training can be provided.

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