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Nutrition Partnership


Producing feed formulations that meet your market requirements is fundamental to all animal food manufacturers. Essential to any feed formulation is a precise understanding of the feeding value of the ingredients used. Only with such knowledge can formulations be truly best cost and consistency of animal performance achieved:

Premier Atlas

Premier Atlas is our own publication (ISBN 0-9542081-0) that summarises the best information available worldwide today and is increasingly being used by major customers throughout Europe and North America. It is updated regularly and is becoming well established as the gold standard by which other matrices are judged.

Product Development and Quality Control

The end users of our products are animals. We are committed to delivering wholesome, safe, effective products that meet the animal's productive needs whilst maintaining its health and welfare needs. We constantly monitor nutrition research publications and keep in close touch with leading research establishments in order to ensure our customers receive news on all the latest developments. See our News section for this week's articles and consider applying to register to access our extensive content of technical reviews and articles.

We work with our customers to develop new product features that will appeal to their local market conditions and give them unique selling advantages over their competition. We provide confidential appraisals of feed additives; we test their claims and advise on the merits of alternatives. This differentiates Premier Nutrition from all other Premix companies and gives customers the security of unbiased, independent advice.

Large livestock producers who produce their own feed or who buy in from third party manufacturers use our services to ensure that quality and consistency of formulations is achieved no matter where the site of manufacture. In these situations we act as the Nutrition consultant whose aim is to ensure that the livestock producer receives value and quality while the manufacturer receives a fair deal for producing the required feed.