In the incredibly specialist subject of aqua nutrition, we have the in-house expertise to supply a range of supplements for all of the aqua species. We work closely with customers to meet their production objectives to ultimately ensure they provide a safe and nutritious end product.


Our added value technical services help customers to grow their business. Using our expertise, we can help you with:

  • Diet formulation advice on selection and quality of raw materials, feed additives and micro-ingredients
  • Proactive quality control programmes for finished feed
  • Access to our exclusive raw material matrix for feed formulation
  • Managing price volatility in the supply chain

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Our Aqua Team

Our technical team has extensive knowledge of the aqua market. Find out more about them by hovering over their profile below.


​Rob Halls

​Commercial Manager, Pet and Equine
Ralph Bishop

Ralph Bishop

Commercial Nutritionist

Quality behind every decision

At Premier Nutrition, our nutrition recommendations are supported by infrastructure, standards and procedures to ensure we deliver a top quality, safe product.