Whether it be supporting you with product design, manufacturing premixes and supplements or providing ongoing technical support and training, our equine team are committed to helping you develop winning products.


We listen to your objectives, propositions and target markets then offer advice on tailoring them for maximum success. We can suggest ingredients and nutrients to meet the product proposition, then we support you in developing packaging options, labelling and claims, as well as advising on prohibited substances. 


We manufacture and pack the premix or finished product to exacting and externally certified standards of quality assurance. Our industry leading standards offer a high level of quality assurance. These include: NIR verification of ingredients before use; NOPS risk assessments on all materials plus testing; precise control of ingredient addition, class-leading tumble-mixed products. We are independently audited by, and certified to, UFAS, FEMAS, BETA NOPS®, ISO 22000 and ISO 140001.


We provide ongoing technical support and training on areas such as nutrition, regulatory compliance, quality assurance systems for equine feed manufacture, and prohibited substances.