The current Covid 19 virus situation is clearly a major concern to everyone and it is important that we all work together to contain and combat the spread of the virus to protect our families, friends, colleagues and businesses and to keep animals fed.

A special team at Premier Nutrition is leading our planning and actions to manage the impact of this situation. The three key elements of this work are

  • Best hygiene practice: Ensuring all reasonable preventative measures are in place to limit the spread of the virus. These measures are in line with WHO/government guidance and include extra cleaning regimes, limitations on travel and meetings, additional controls for site visitors and delivery drivers.
  • Supply Chain vigilance: Ensuring the supply chains of the ingredients used in our products are understood and the location of materials are tracked.
  • Production planning: Robust plans in place to minimise the impact of infection incidents occurring on our sites or amongst our employees.

These plans include the physical segregation of members of our key operational teams.

Our plan has three escalation levels that will be implemented as appropriate to the developing situation. 

Specifically on supply chain vigilance, our ingredient buyers have used our internal ‘Authenticate’ system to quickly identify our supply chains to track the factories in China from where we source ingredients. Working with our suppliers we are confident that the materials we require for our production through to June are in the UK, in Europe or in shipment. 

Our teams have been engaging with our colleagues across AB Agri and with the ABF businesses worldwide. This has given us the benefit of communicating directly with colleagues in China. The situation in China is showing signs of improving with increasing numbers of factories now restarting production. Shipping bottlenecks remain an issue, but Chinese road freight is improving. Our focus is now broadening to other countries impacted by the spread of the virus where materials we use are manufactured, stored or transported through.

We are also working closely with our distribution partners who also have plans in place to maintain deliveries to our customers.

These are challenging times for all, but please be assured that everyone at Premier Nutrition is working hard to ensure continuity of supply to our customers over the coming months.