Premier Nutrition have launched a range of six dedicated transition feeds under the Total Transition banner today, which are designed to boost transition performance on UK dairy farms.

With financial losses on some farms equating to 7ppl* for every litre produced and 76.3% of cows experiencing some form of transition issue, this targeted feeding programme has been developed turning extensive global research into practical, simple-to-use complete feeds suitable for all farm scenarios.

“Poor transition is costing thousands, with the biggest losses coming from mastitis and ketosis”, explains Dr Andrew Pine, Ruminant Director at Premier Nutrition.  “For 7 years, we have analysed 58,000 dry and fresh cows every month using our transition monitoring system, TMS, and it’s calculating that each ketosis case is costing £527.  With the data showing 8 in every 100 cows suffering true ketosis, nearly £5,000 is lost instantly, and that is only one part of the costs associated with poor transition.  These figures were too important to ignore so we started brainstorming solutions and we have spent 12 months refining this range until we’re confident it can deliver in the marketplace.”

Why six products?

The company reasons that bigger, more technical farms demand a more bespoke approach and gone are the days of one size fits all.  “Many farms are quite happy to look through a list of 20 plus milking compounds, but they only get offered one transition product”, said Mark Hall, Premier Nutrition’s newly appointed Transition Manager who will focus specifically on this area.  “Our Total Transition range combines all approaches to transition cow feeding and come as a complete solution.

“You also get a full support package where we work closely with the farm’s nutritionist or feed advisor and/or vet to ensure formulations with home mix feeds and forage are correct, plus our regular TMS monitoring free of charge to identify decisions and changes needed to improve transition performance further.”

The Total Transition launch range includes:

    High quality pre-calving rolls suitable for dairy cows, heifers and suckler cows
    which can be top dressed onto forage or offered at grazing.
    Ideal to balance high potassium grass or grass silage inputs with targeted metabolisable protein, minerals and vitamins.  Supplied as 6mm pellets for top dressing or mixing in TMR.
    A partial negative DCAD approach with added calcium to improve pre and post-calving calcium status – science in a bag for forward thinking businesses.  Supplied as 6mm pellets for top dressing or mixing in TMR.
    A full DCAD system with added calcium to help reduce the risk of milk fever and boost immune system activity.  The ultimate nutrition for transition performance in a simple to use feed.
    A full ‘health programme’ feed targeting liver function, gut and udder health.  Supplied as a 6mm pellet for top dressing or TMR mixing, it is suitable for high merit/yielding herds or herds experiencing health challenges during transition.
    Tackles major problems associated with milk fever when it’s holding farms back from better performance.  Suitable for pre-calving dairy cows, heifers and suckler cows, the rolls can be top dressed, mixed in TMR or offered to grazing pre-calving cows. 

*Source: TMS 2018