Farmers and feed advisers are being encouraged to analyse incoming cereal samples to ensure accurate feed formulation, after analysis of the 2019 wheat and barley harvest showed regional variations in protein and energy levels.

Premier Nutrition’s Eloise Lawlor explains that with overall yields above the five-year average, the Premier Nutrition harvest survey has confirmed that the protein of wheat has decreased.

“The national survey results have shown an average 0.4% drop in wheat protein levels, with energy also decreasing by 0.09MJ/kg” she says.

Eloise explains that the general reduction in energy levels isn’t surprising, as this summer’s changeable conditions have led to higher moisture content. “To compensate for these deficits in protein and energy, soya and fat inclusions may increase in your diet formulations.”

She adds that although the wetter conditions witnessed this year have influenced energy content, average mycotoxin levels across the UK remain low.

“Our report has highlighted regional variation and I’d therefore strongly recommend on-going local monitoring of cereal samples. To assist with any ration adjustments, our team of expert nutritionists will be on hand to help ensure accurate feed formulations are maintained.” 

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