Premier Nutrition has launched an improved fresh cow recovery drink, containing a complete package of critical nutrients to support the cow’s needs and quickly get her drinking, eating, and milking.

Under the brand name of Restart, the newly formulated all-in-one rehydration drink tackles many aspects:

  • One dose provides 21% of the cow’s critical daily calcium requirement in a super-soluble, quick release form
  • It contains sugars for a rapidly available energy to boost the cow after the stresses of calving
  • The combination package of choline and B-vitamins aid liver function and ensure dietary nutrients are used efficiently
  • The high-quality mineral pack quickly returns the cow’s mineral status to normal in preparation for the next phase of milk production
  • Yeast components kickstart the rumen so she eats quicker to support milk production
  • The powerful blend of antioxidants supports the immune system

Restart is available in a 15kg tub.  Each drink requires 1kg of powder, stirred into 5 litres of hot (65ºC) water, then topped up to 15-20 litres with cool water.  It should be offered within 10-20 minutes of calving for maximum benefit but can be used up to 2 hours post-calving to aid recovery.

The reformulated and improved Restart product replaces the company’s Freshstart rehydration drink and is available immediately by contacting Premier Nutrition on 01889 572500 or emailing

Restart image