After completing a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, commercial graduate, Josh Rymer joined AB Agri to turn his passion for agriculture into a career. Below, we find out about his six month placement at Premier Nutrition as part of the wider AB Agri graduate programme.

Q. Have you always had an interest in the feed and farming industry?

A: I was brought up in East Yorkshire on a pig and arable farm, where I worked in a variety of roles during the summers between university terms, so I’ve had an interest in the industry for many years.

Q. What does the AB Agri Commercial Graduate Scheme involve?

A: The 18 month scheme is split between three different AB Agri companies, to gain experience across the board. I started off at AB Vista, then moved to Premier for six months and have recently moved on to KW Alternative Feeds to complete the programme.

Q. How did you get onto the scheme?

A: I originally heard about the scheme through a friend who suggested it could be an interesting role for me, so I applied while I was still at university and was lucky enough to be granted a place. I didn’t see a career path in engineering, but a commercial position that linked to farming was something that really appealed.

Q. During your time at Premier, what did your role involve?

A. I’ve had a huge variety of tasks to get stuck into – which is a massive benefit for me. But my main role at Premier was to delve into the vast bank of TMS data and put my analytical skills to use.

The main focus of this project was to look at ketosis risk and find trends
between national milk records and the TMS data collected by the Premier
We found multiple synergies and now the team is continuing the project to work on a way of sharing this information.

Q. What was your favourite part of your role at Premier?

A. I relished the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone, travel and meet people that I’d never ordinarily have the chance to. I was lucky to try my hand at so many different projects. But the chance to make a real difference, working with the TMS data proved particularly rewarding.

Q. What are your ambitions for your future?

A. At the moment I want to focus on completing the graduate scheme, but I hope that after the programme is complete, I’ll be able to continue my career with AB Agri. I’ve still got lots to learn, but in the future, I could see myself in an account management role, perhaps developing into something more commercial or nutritional.

Josh Rymer