In December 2017, Nine Iron sources where reauthorized for use in animal feed in regulation (EU) 2017/2330. The key features of this legislation are:

Each iron compound has its own unique identification (additive or E) number

Iron Oxide is no-longer approved for use as a nutritional iron source

The nomenclature of the additives has changed, for example Ferrous sulphate monohydrate should in future be referred to as Iron(II) sulphate monohydrate

There is a new reduced maximum permitted level for iron in Cattle and Poultry feeds of 450 mg/kg and for Petfood at 600 mg/kg

Not all the iron compounds can be used for all purposes, Iron Dextran can only be used in suckling piglets and Iron Carbonate can not be used in feed for calves, piglets, chickens up to 14 days and Turkeys up to 28 days.

The reapproved Iron compounds and their additive numbers are as follows:

New Iron authorisations