At Premier Nutrition we encourage our employees to engage with volunteering programmes in the local community by providing 2 days volunteering leave per year. Throughout 2019, employees have volunteered for a range of charities and community projects; from completing mock interviews in local colleges to partaking in the Three Peaks Challenge as a fund raiser for the charity RABI. This year, our employee’s engagement with the volunteering programme has been at an all-time high and momentum has been maintained in the run up to Christmas - when giving back to the community is of heightened importance! 

Through December, a team of 6 are volunteering over a 3 week period with the local charity ‘Farm Fresh Revolution’. The charity was set up in 2018 in partnership with Packington Pork with the goal of educating and influencing families with young children about healthy eating and good shopping habits. The charity does this by packing together vegetables, eggs, meat and fruit along with a recipe card, and then distributing the food bags at local primary schools free of charge. 

Chloe Poolman from Premier Nutrition used her volunteering days to help out at Farm Fresh Revolution and commented: “Being a part of the food supply chain, it is important to me to educate the next generation about the importance of locally sourced fresh produce.

“It was great to engage with local schools and to learn about the great work that the Farm Fresh Revolution team are carrying out to educate families on healthy eating. The reported changes to the involved family’s lifestyle habits are incredible” 

In addition to the volunteering work, Premier Nutrition’s Vivienne Wooll is running a reverse advent calendar in which employees can donate non- perishable food items each day throughout November and December. The donated items will then be split between Rugeley and Cannock district food banks for distribution in time for Christmas.

Food Bank donation box