At Premier Nutrition being a responsible and sustainable business is of utmost importance to us. Thinking progressively is one of our strengths which is why we have a dedicated team focusing on continually improving our business processes, by coming up with responsible solutions to improve business efficiencies.

The continuous improvement team completed a waste mapping exercise. Waste mapping is the identification, calculation and reduction of waste within a process or business. Waste is generally associated with the materials that are thrown away however, true waste mapping encompasses 8 different categories starting from raw material intake to the transportation of the end product.

Through collaborative working and stakeholder engagement the continuous improvement team were able to gain knowledge from the production, planning and nutrition teams to identify 30 improvement areas. The team have initially prioritised 5 areas to ensure that they are completed to a high standard and all of the options are investigated.

Waste mapping has allowed Premier Nutrition to identify the areas that we excel at and also the areas in which we can improve. By understanding our bottlenecks we can focus our energy on the areas that count! Our waste mapping exercise is under continuous review to ensure that we are making business improvements that make a real difference.