The reputation of Premier Nutrition has been built over many years by the people who have worked with our customers, suppliers and partners. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and working with our customers to make their businesses more profitable.

In our industry we are all acutely aware of the dilemma facing the world today - how to feed a growing population whilst safeguarding the planet. This is a huge task but by no means unachievable. We believe that it is precisely by working with our customers and by continuing to focus on efficiency and productivity that we can play our part in addressing some of these challenges and at the same time continue to drive value for our customers.

A Community Approach

The AB Agri community, of which Premier Nutrition is a part, is a group of leading agricultural businesses that operate across the food supply chain. The decentralised structure of AB Agri means that the businesses are empowered to grow their interests completely independently but we share the same passion and vision for our industry. The ambition of every business is to continue to drive positive change in our industry and the framework we use to direct our efforts is called Formula 24.

About Formula 24

Formula 24 is our ‘recipe’ for responsible agriculture. We have identified the three areas where our scope and scale enable us to make the biggest positive difference. Our three priority areas are:

  • Producing more food from fewer resources
  • Safeguarding the natural resources needed for food production
  • Working side by side with colleagues and communities

Underneath these three pillars sit our six aspirations. These aspirations outline our responsible business goals for 2024. Underpinning these aspirations are annual Premier Nutrition milestones that are set to direct our efforts and help us monitor progress.

You can learn more about the Formula 24 programme and the work Premier Nutrition do by visiting