At Premier Nutrition our approach to quality is based on rigorous raw material and supplier assessment.  We require all our ingredient suppliers to be independently certified to a recognised feed safety scheme.

You only get out what you put in

Before being accepted into our sites, new materials go through a risk assessment to determine their feed quality and safety credentials. The assessment also ensures they can be used legally in the territories where they will be marketed.

Risk assessments are updated annually.

We continually keep abreast of legislation changes to ensure the status of our raw materials and products, and to keep our customers informed of impending changes.

Feed ingredient batches arriving onto site are assessed by NIR fingerprinting to verify they are correct before being released for use.

Applying pharmaceutical technology to micro-ingredient blending

Premier Nutrition invests in state-of-the-art premix manufacturing facilities, adapted from the pharmaceutical industry, to deliver safety and accuracy of blending

Our tumble mixing system is capable of blending products to a high degree of homogeneity whilst maintaining batch integrity.

We offer customers a variety of packaging solutions: sacks of different sizes and colours, bulk deliveries, retail-ready tubs and pouches.

This means our customers receive their products in the packaging that best suits their requirements.

Quality and technical support


Regulations concerning the use of feed ingredients are detailed and constantly evolving. We are continually monitoring developments in legislation to inform you of impending changes.


We can support your own quality systems with our certified manufacturing processes. Certificates of conformance and analysis are available for products.


With over 600 ingredients on our books, we can advise on their suitability in your formulations.


The regulations governing claims and labelling are complex; claims come under scrutiny from beyond feed law. We can help you set up appropriate labels and claims for your products.

Feed Safety

We are committed to manufacturing safe, compliant feed independently audited by, and certified to, UFAS and BETA NOPS so our customers can be confident in the products they receive.

Responsible Sourcing

The micronutrients we use are sourced from many different communities around the world and we care that these are produced responsibly and sustainably.

We take steps to ensure that there is no use of forced labour, child labour or physically abusive disciplinary practices in our business or those that supply us. We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our workers.

We have conducted third-party SMETA audits to ensure we adhere to SEDEX measurement criteria, comprising labour standards, health and safety as well as environmental elements. In addition, we are independently audited by, and certified to ISO 14001, an internationally recognised, third-party accredited framework for managing the environmental impacts of a business.

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​Jane Ratcliffe

​Technical Services Manager

Nicola Davis

Quality Assurance Manager