We are leaders in researching, designing and investing in practical, innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of farmers and feed manufacturers, whether that is bespoke premix supply or on-farm supplements.

We are passionate about maximising production from healthy animals that can move seamlessly from conception to calving and then milk or meat production.

Our passion is about helping farmers to maximise production from healthy animals that can move seamlessly through their lifecycle, from conception through to calving and then milk or meat production. We are leaders in researching, designing and investing in innovative solutions, whether that is bespoke premix supply or on-farm supplements.


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Poor transition into lactation for high yielding cows is costing UK dairy farmers up to 5p/litre in production losses, as well as long-term herd health implications. Our unique Transition Management System (TMS) is the only UK on-farm recording service to evaluate cow health at this critical period.

What is TMS?

TMS is a monitoring system which assesses how cows pass through the transition period – 30 days pre-calving to 30 days post-calving. It is a critical tool to help farmers and nutritionists pinpoint areas of management and nutrition that can be improved to see better transition performance.

How does it work?

Our TMS Assessor will visit your farm every month to impartially assess your herd. They score body condition, rumen fill, lameness and hock hygiene of all dry and fresh cows and heifers, which is combined with milk quality data if this is available. The data generates a TMS score and a monthly report which, when received, should be reviewed with your nutritionist.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to use the TMS service and it is completely hassle-free. TMS is suitable for both large and small herds.

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We offer more than just premix and supplements. Our experienced ruminant team can help customers with:

  • Bespoke feed formulations & nutrition support
  • Access to our unique raw materials matrix database
  • Real-time forage analysis using portable NIR technology
  • Premier Signals – a cow-centric approach to evaluate a combination of cow, farm and feed signals
  • Our extensively developed ration formulation system

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Our Ruminant Nutrition Team

Our in-house team are highly experienced in ruminant nutrition combined with cow and sheep management, forage and feeding systems as well as health and breed specific know-how, ensuring that any enquiry, no matter how complex, can be efficiently and knowledgeably answered.


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​Ruminant Nutritionist

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Business Manager Ireland
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Ashley Morris

Commercial Ruminant Nutritionist

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