A bio-active yeast concentrate formulated to help limit the risk of acidosis and thus maintain rumen stability.

  • Ideal for production systems where performance is critical
  • Helps to maintains rumen pH which limits the risk of acidosis
  • Encourages better digestion and nutrient use by the animal

Ruminal acidosis is very costly because of its long term negative effect on health and performance. Severe drops in rumen pH can lead to reduced feed intakes and milk yields as well as poor growth in young animals. VITACEL is a highly effective yeast culture targeted at rumen health and stability. It stimulates ruminal fermentation which leads to increased feed conversion and fibre digestion as well as improving the immune function. VITACEL is ideal where the potential for an acid load is high; ie. fermented forages, high levels of fermentable carbohydrates or when concentrates are slug fed.