The mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of precision delivery coated butyrate in a necrotic enteritis model in broilers

Patrick Garland

Coated butyrate (Adimix) was fed at reducing levels (1kg/t 0-14days, 0.5kg/t 15-25 days and 0.25kg/t 26-35 days) to control or challenged with clostridia treatment groups alongside similar groups with no butyrate included in diet.

In all cases the butyrate improved weight and FCR. NE lesions were numerically improved in the butyrate fed groups.

Butyrate increased IGF-1 expression in challenged birds but not in unchallenged groups, it also increased bursa weight in challenged birds and the HI titre against ND vaccine was improved in both challenged and unchallenged birds.

Potential for immune modulation proposed.

Ref: WPSA Spring Meeting 2017