TOTAL DEFENCE, launched by Premier Nutrition, is a complete feed for dry cows specially formulated to tackle milk fever.

Part of the Total Transition range, TOTAL DEFENCE is a proactive feeding strategy for farms with high potash silages or intensively slurried grazing fields.  The product includes a high-level calcium binder together with a full mineral/vitamin package, by-pass protein and protected methionine, making it a very simple ‘tear and feed’ product without needing to know how to mix complex rations.

TOTAL DEFENCE is suitable for pre-calving cows, heifers and suckler cows that are facing a substantial milk fever risk and limited options on farm are available.  It is also perfect when labour resource is limited.

TOTAL DEFENCE is supplied as pre-calving rolls ready for top-dressing or offering to grazing pre-calving cows.  It must be fed for a minimum of 21 days with enough feed space to ensure all cows get the recommended daily amount of up to 4kg/cow.

For more information, please contact Mark Hall, Premier Nutrition, on 07711 191085 or email

Total Defence